God is Testing Me

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Regarding “God Is Testing Me”  There is a story about this song on youtube.
The short version is – my van got stolen with all my gear in it and I wrote this song.  I hope you like it, can gain some strength from it and forward this link to anyone else who may need a lift.  It has a good message – s*** happens, we roll with it, we help someone else who is worse off, give our love and hugs freely and laugh a LOT.



Transition Girl

KG“Transition Girl” features many styles from Blues, Jazz and Country to Rock, Gospel and Acoustic.  “When you’ve been loving music as long as I have, it’s pretty impossible to stick with one genre.  I am a product of all the greats who have inspired me and touched my heart from Patsy, Joni and Ella to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix and Coltrane. Buy the Album Here, Best view in Google Chrome

Grimm Again

Grimm Again (forwarding “Can’t Stop The Train” mp3)

This self-produced electric blues CD was picked up by Portland’s Burnside Distribution and earned an honorable mention on the Official Grammy Ballot.  Sold on