Music Lessons

Of all of Kathryn’s many accomplishments, her most proud is her skill of helping up-and-coming musicians/singers.  “Teaching is what I was born to do.”  Kathryn teaches voice, guitar, bass, piano and can assist songwriters with finishing/fine tuning thier material.

Kathryn has extensive experience in both private and group vocal instruction.  She has helped singers/actors/songwriters reach their musical goals.  In addition to private instruction, Kathryn is also a freelance instructor having taught at California State University, Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Music & Art School,  DayJams Summer Camp, Laurel Canyon Studios, The Seattle Drum School and more.

Lessons are taught in Kathryn’s home studio in Portland Oregon.  The instruction is tailored to a student’s needs and goals with could include strengthening, stamina, harmonies, confidence building and expanding one’s range.

She is skilled in teaching many diverse styles from rock, jazz and blues to country, pop, classical and Musical Theater and more.  Her students range from hobbyists to touring professionals, all ages.  Kathryn has assisted many students in auditioning for theater and/or bands, American Idol/The Voice, entry to Universities and showcases for major labels.
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Music Lessons available by appointment only.

What past students have to say

“You gave me the confidence to do this.”
Student auditioning for American Idol

“…a true highlight in my life…you did a fantastic job!”
A Student of Kathryn’s “Seattle Vocal Workshop”

“My singing is greatly improved. It’s all you baby!”
Keith Clark – Circle Jerks (Mercury Records)

“Your help has made all the difference to these labels.”
Student, Chad Etchison

Student Showcase

Veronica Puleo
Julie Mintz (Moby)
Keith Clark (Taxman/Recording Artist)

Music Lesson Pricing

All session prices are variable, please contact me at for pricing info.